Thinking of buying a Cornford but....

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Thinking of buying a Cornford but....

Post by 59Bassman » Sun Aug 05, 2018 9:40 am

...the lack of a Reverb puts you off?? Well - don't let that get in your way!

I still rock my Roadhouse 30 and have enjoyed it from new but nowadays much much more with the inclusion of a touch of Spring Reverb and I run it into an additional V30 equipped cabinet to spread the sound.

I have had to learn to love the Roadhouse as the deal I got at the time was with money I got back from a new 59 Bassman under warranty, so a little tonal readjustment was in order.

Now I have a clutch of amps that give a wide range of sounds and so I can just use the Roadhouse for what it is, but that extra cab and some reverb makes this a rocking, organic, 'HiFi' amp.

This is my Mosky Spring Reverb

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Florin Giuglea
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Re: Thinking of buying a Cornford but....

Post by Florin Giuglea » Thu Sep 06, 2018 10:17 pm

I use the Mad Professor Silver Spring in the loop of my Roadhouse and it's killer.
The Roadhouse is such a killer amp. Btw, which one do you have, the EL34 or the 6L6?

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