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Post by kev555 » Sat Jul 05, 2008 5:12 pm

Hi guys, hope some of you can give me some info on the roadhouse 30 combo.

just sold my MK50 head and 4x12 and want a smaller combo for my home studio with the chance of a few gigs here and there.

Tried the hellcat combo and i did'nt like it. i love the mk sound.

Anyway, is this amp loud enough for a band practice with a loud drummer and for larger gigs without the need to mike it up as i love the backline sound without the crappy sound of onstage monitors.

also , build quality matters a lot, has anyone opened one up, are the valve bases mounted onto the chasis or directly to the pcb, the same goes for the 1/4 jacks on the amp, are they directly mounted to the board. if so is the board fully supported within the chasis.

I would prefer another hand wired amp, as everything ive owned with pcb, ,mesa.marshall etc has had serious design flaws manly due to them cutting corners in the manufacturing stage.

ive asked a lot of questions i know, but i hope you guys can help me out.

kev :)

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