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Hurricane and NOS EL84s

Posted: Sun Dec 02, 2012 1:40 pm
by andygee
I'm a new Cornford owner and while looking for some NOS replacements I read this:
Modern EL84 amps and NOS EL84s
There are several modern EL84 amplifiers which have wiring violations on pin 1 of one or more EL84 sockets. NOS EL84s have internal connections between pins 1 and 2 where modern EL84s do not. Sometimes designers of EL84 amps assume that pin one is a safe location for a "tie point", a place to connect a grid resistor and the signal wire from the phase inverter. This will result in a NOS tube placed in such a socket furiously "red plating" and the amp humming. If run this way for long enough, damage to the EL84 tube and/or the component connected to this socket will result.
Any issues with Cornfords and NOS El84s? Thanks