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New RH 50 2x12 - Low level hum?

Posted: Wed Jan 23, 2013 7:11 pm
by Didgeaddiction
Hi all. I am new here, so thought I would say hello. After way too much deliberation between the 30 and the 50 I have just ordered a new Roadhouse 50w 2x12 and i'm expecting delivery tomorrow. It's going to be a big step up from my Jet City 20w 1x12, and I have a feeling that i may well be blown away (possibly literally - best check the settings before I subject the wife to my limited repertoire)
I shall report back with first impressions etc when i am able to drag myself away.........

24th Jan - RH received today. Sounds great, but I wanted to check with other owners, I have a low level hum when in standby, or switched on. It doesn't get louder if you increase the volume level. Is this normal/acceptable - it is pretty low level?
Many thanks