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Newby tube question.

Posted: Sat Feb 01, 2014 10:54 am
by Richardj
New here and about to get my first Cornford amp, a used Roadhouse 30 combo. Very naively, I am a bit confused about which valves it has in it. The Cornford spec says 6L6's and other reviews (and the former owner) says EL34's. I have EL34's in my Koch Twintone II so obviously know they look and sound. I am due to get it on Tuesday 4th Feb. but to be honest I would just like to know if/how I can tell the difference between the two.

Actually another naive question (sorry) about changing the tubes, The Koch either has Koch pre-matched tubes or needs re-biasing, my EL84 Pro Junior didn't need re-biasing. the Roadhouse is cathode biased, what exactly does this mean?

Thanks in advance.