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STICKY: User Sounds Database

Posted: Thu Jul 07, 2011 6:36 pm
by Gadget
Users are invited to submit their favourite tones to the Cornford Discussion page as usual, then the best will be copied by me to this locked sticky.

To qualify, you must include details of...
1) What kind of tone/sound you are creating.
2) Which amp you are using.
3) A picture (photo or graphic) of the control panel settings.

EG: 'Death Metal Sound: Roadhouse 50 Head. Bridge pickup, downtune a semitone. Here is a pic of the settings...'

Details of other essential items, such as specific FX pedals, or guitar pickup selections, would be useful.

Send me a PM with a link to your post, if you would like to have it included.

Below is a perfect example...

Re: User Sounds Database

Posted: Thu Jul 07, 2011 6:47 pm
by Gadget
59Bassman wrote:MY 57 TWEED TWIN SOUND


I use little gain, but employ the boost constantly. Plenty of mid and bass to provide the BOOM that you normally get from the 6L6s and top-out with the treble also to capture the highs. It is usually 'all-or-nothing' with a Tweed as regards to breakup, so use your guitar controls too to level things out.

I also output to an additional Celestion V30 equipped cab separated at around 6' as this gives a nice wall of sound.

Have a try...!

Re: STICKY: User Sounds Database

Posted: Fri Jul 08, 2011 11:03 am
by Gadget
MK50H II Live Settings
FlorinGiuglea wrote:Image

Here's a photo of the settings I usually use in a live situation.
I play pop-rock, I found out that using the MK50II I seldom need any dirt pedals.
1. Pristine clean in the middle position of the tele with the clean channel, or crunch channel with guitar volume turned down (as I'm sure you're aware, that really works with any Cornford). I add just a little reverb (Hardwire) with the 2nd position on the strat - instant strat heaven :lol:
2. Excelent crunch & OD. Very versatile with both the tele and strat. For heavier tones I prefer pumping the Gain on the dirt channel by hand between songs instead of using any dirt pedals.
3. Master 2 - I think it has a slightly different voicing than Master 1, great for soloing. This is the reason I got rid of any other volume pedals / solo boost pedals, etc.
I still use chorus, delay, reverb, phaser. All in the efx loop. No dirt pedals whatsoever, though. I don't really need them: 3 channels at hand (actually 2 + the boost), guitar volume (for slightly different vibe), Master 2 (it can be used for soloing BUT if you match it to Master 1 volume you get more sounds as they're voiced differently).