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1 x 12" Extension Speaker

Posted: Thu Apr 30, 2015 4:12 pm
by moose
Any idea how to date the 1 x 12" extension speaker that I picked up today - there doesn't seem to be any serial number, and I've had a good look inside too.

I'm guessing the V30 should have a code on the gasket face, but it seems to be bonded to the baffle board, so even after removing the four bolts it doesn't come out. As it's so well fitted I don't want to disturb it just to look for a code. There's what looks like 918 444 1 printed in white on the cone, but this isn't 100% clear.

The cab is in Oxblood, with a small logo in the top left hand corner...........

Also, does anyone have any general info on these cabs?? I can only see the details of the bigger closed back 1 x 12" on the old Cornford website, along with the details of the 2 x 12" and 4 x 12".

Thanks guys............