Check out my Roadhouse 30 review!

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Check out my Roadhouse 30 review!

Post by donnyboiler » Wed May 06, 2015 1:45 pm

andy couchman
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Re: Check out my Roadhouse 30 review!

Post by andy couchman » Wed May 06, 2015 4:35 pm

Like it - informative and gives a more in-depth coverage than most reviews.


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Re: Check out my Roadhouse 30 review!

Post by 59Bassman » Thu May 07, 2015 5:52 pm

Yes, not too much traffic here and a new review is welcome - espesh for the RHC models as I think they get overlooked by the head users. It all started so promising when Guitarist gave them a Gold award on launch...

I have two things to add to the review and that is the rather dark 'clean' tone can be given a bit of a lift with a good clean boost or EQ pedal. I have a pedal that does this and has gain on tap (because it isn't a clean drive in design!) which when added can give a rather nice rasping Fender Tweed Twin impersonation!

Also, I added a EHX East River Drive to my setup and when I tried it in my RH30C with my Les Paul found that instant-on Marshall vintage vibe, very muck akin to those Super Bass 50 tones that are so sought after. I also run into an additional 1x12 V30 cab for extra spread and oomph.

I have been looking at some of those Friedman BE demos and reviews... yes, nice, but to be honest for my space and limited ability to dial hot, I think I can eq my RH and not be a million miles off... and a few quids in pocket!

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Re: Check out my Roadhouse 30 review!

Post by richard » Sun May 17, 2015 4:13 pm

Don, thanks for a really well composed review. I got my RH30 combo just after they were released and it's the only amp I've bought without trying it first - no dealers in my area. I've been gigging it for years and it's a delight to play. I once had to tighten the connectors in one of the valve bases because it was red-plating but that's the only issue I've had. As you say the guts of the amp are really well put together.

I was gigging last night and enjoyed the amp as much as I always do. I love it's simplicity. I had a problem with previous channel switching amps because of the channels sounding different. The boost circuit on the RH just gives me MORE. I don't know what I'd do without it. There's simply nothing comparable out there. I don't use pedals so I'm set up and ready to go in less than 10 minutes. Best amp I've owned hands down.

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Re: Check out my Roadhouse 30 review!

Post by leos » Wed Oct 07, 2015 9:09 pm

Love the review, I agree on many of your points.
My RH30 combo was my first Cornford, and its a special amp for me as it was a gift from my wife and kids - I will never sell it, and it will for me always be the best combo - love the solid oversize pine cab, even if its big and quite heavy, its manageable for me to carry alone (a 2x12 combo are too much for me) and it sounds big, not really like a combo. Sometimes, I am tempted to just sell the big amps and live the simple life with just my beloved les-paul and casino and that one amp...
The roadhouse, IMO, is also the best Cornford for les-paul players like me, since it has this "lift" in the bottom end so it doesn't turn to mud in the low end. I needed to have my RK-100 tone stack modified slightly for this reason. I like big bottoms(!) but they must be tight :wink:
One other thing: the RH is easier to play than the big amps - not as strident, but still very articulate.
I am still curious about trying EL34's in my RH .. I know from experiments with my MK50II that Martin Kidd was probably right when he said the amp had to be turned up very load to hear the difference, but exactly this .. is where I think my RH is getting brash and harsh instead of smooth and just a little compressed.


I have the Friedman SS100 which is like a modified BE100 (more open sounding, more mids - very cool actually), and TBH remembering what you have written earlier about your tone preferences, I would say, that you should just skip the idea altogether. The Friedmans are much more uncompromising high-gain amps than any Cornford - The lowest gain setting roughly equals full bore on the RH gain dial - you will have to dial your les paul way back to get it to clean up - at which point it will just sound thin, unless you really have the power section up and running thru an attenuator or using other tricks to get the volume down..

@ Richard

Did you give up on the HC ? or do you just swap between that and the RH still ?
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