New Carrera owner - tech help needed!

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New Carrera owner - tech help needed!

Post by AlexMC » Wed Aug 24, 2016 2:48 pm

Hi all... I've just joined the forum as I've purchased a used Cornford Carrera and want to get the most out of it!

I'd appreciate it if anyone can help with the following:

1) Is there a full user manual available, detailing the use of the two valve bases, startup/shutdown, using the slave output, biasing etc?

In the absence of a manual...

2) How do I safely switch between output valve bases? Do I need to switch off all power or simply put into standby?

3) When powering on, should I first switch 'mains' to the down position, wait 1 minute, then switch 'standby' to the down position... or vice versa? I am doing the former... but it still takes a few seconds after engaging the 'standby' switch before my guitar is audible, which makes me wonder if I have it the wrong way around.

4) When powering off, can I switch off both 'mains' and 'standby' at the same time?

5) Tell me about the 'slave output' socket! Is it post pre-amp and pre FX loop, or post FX loop and pre power amp? Do I run an instrument cable from it to the instrument input of a second amp or into the FX return? How is volume controlled on the second amp when used in this configuration?

6) Does the Carrera ever require biasing, when the power tubes are swapped out like-for-like or for a different breed of power tube?

7) Compared to my Brunetti Singleman (push/pull 6V6 Blackface Deluxe clone) the Carrera is pretty dark; is there any way of increasing the brightness/presence?

8) Can anyone please explain the role of each of the three 12AX7 tubes, i.e. preamp/FX loop/reverb?

9) Will I hear much difference swapping the stock 6L6 for a 6V6 (same as in my Brunetti amp)?

10) What's the easiest way to remove the nylon speaker grille? I'd like to rotate the V30 speaker by 90 degrees to allow simpler connection of a Weber Mini Mass (the speaker cable is kinda short; rotating it would allow me to run the speakers cable into the Weber)

Any help greatly appreciated!

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Re: New Carrera owner - tech help needed!

Post by Smashcube » Tue Oct 04, 2016 4:22 am

Not sure if this will help with your questionbut worth a shot.

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