Nailed - Deluxe Reverb Tone!

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Nailed - Deluxe Reverb Tone!

Post by 59Bassman » Mon Sep 08, 2008 1:28 pm

A happy accident!

I haven't fully explored my new Roadhouse 30 combo yet, but one thing I was finding is that the cleans are a bit Middly and dark... Anyway, a contact of mine sent me a clip of some of his preferred pedals and had a great blues tone and the main culprit was a Proel DS10 Distortion pedal. The tone was so cool, I took a leap of faith and lo and behold instantly found a used one on ebay from Italy for 26 euros and nabbed it. I had no idea what to expect, but far from fizz and fuzz, it is very bright and articulate.

So I set it up with the Roadhouse and it instantly gave my 335 exactly the sound I wanted when with the Roadhouse but otherwise if left as standard wouldn't have got. I then turned my attention to my two Strats... It was a much brighter sound being single coils, and it wasn't until I had made a few tweaks here and there that I realised I was hearing that classic Fender Deluxe Reverb tone coming straight back at me! Maybe not your classic Blackface but as near as damn it and certainly as good as any Silverface.

It is the sound that is just on the edge of OD, sharp, bright, spanky and gruff when hit hard. I added a touch of reverby 'ambiance' from a delay - but more a roomy shimmer than repeat - and also I am running in tandem with an additional 1x12 V30 cab.

As soon as you turn off the Proel DS, its all gone! Back to murkiness.. And for such an unknown entity, the Proel is rugged and silent and super responsive across its range (narrow but unique!).

As I said, with a Humbucker, you get more articulation from the amp and a definite Texas growl...

This is the first tone I have got from my Roadhouse that I am in love with - mainly as I never expected to get this sound from EL34s!! We all would have 'one of each' amp if we could but have to compromise and this is just a magic find...

So, would like to hear of other revelations through 'happy accidents'
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