MK50h II v Custom Audio OD 100+ SE

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MK50h II v Custom Audio OD 100+ SE

Post by voyager » Mon Dec 05, 2011 5:48 pm

I know this is from quite an old topic but thought I'd chuck in my two penneth worth as somebody asked for opinions on the subject.
I bought both of these amps with hugely differing opinions on each. The CAA to my ears is frankly a bit of a turkey, I was expecting something with a Soldanoesque ring and gorgeous harmonicy lovliness, but what I got was a very flat fizzy uninteresting sound, I thought it might come good after taking it home, gigging it , recording with it and generally loving it a bit... but no, I still don't like it for the ghastly fizz sound that just refuses to turn into "personality". Yes the clean sound is amazing,.... in your bedroom , a live situation it tends to bark like a rather bad tempered dead Fender Twin at high volume instead of spilling out delicious roundness, sparkling highs and going "dang!". The crunch sound is probably the worst crunch I've ever heard and you cannot get rid of the fizz...ever. I have heard these amps sound amazing with Duncan Blackouts, great for metal, metal or metal! The MK on t'other hand is probably one of the only amps I've heard that is virtually 100% fizz free, and actually has a "tone" to the notes you play.
The Mk has the best crunch sound I've ever heard, and squeals like a piggie on those high harmonics and oozes tons of Gilmourness/Gary Mooreosity/Andy Latimerisation and character that the OD can only dream of.
I'm sure other people have had great experiences with the CA OD, and I'd love to hear about them, as it really is just "my problem", not the amp' can't be,. can it ...surely?? In the meantime, I'm gonna sell the CA OD and use the money to buy a small island in the Carribean.
My only gripe with the MK is that it sometimes sounds overly bright, but the addition of an Ibanez Tube Screamer puts me back in charge of the tone real estate at most gigs.

Another nightmare of a piece of gear, the TC Electronic G System, which I've been trying to shoehorn into my set up for 6 months, I have success now, but it was a very very very traumatic experience for which I nearly needed counselling


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