Cornfords that are impractical for home usage ?

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Cornfords that are impractical for home usage ?

Post by Hobnailed Bootz » Sun Nov 16, 2008 1:42 pm

I adore el84 tube amps and my selection of the hellcat head was an obvious one for me. I need an amp that can deliver beautiful cleans and high gain all in the one package.

In the past, I also owned a peavey 5150 head also and that thing was a wild animal, so much so that I couldnt even get it to 1 on the master vol at home !! For bar gigging it was too loud also and the "turn that bloody thing down " look was one I got all the time :roll: , it was just too much and ultimately , I sold it on.

I dont have time to go out gigging these days :cry: and my hellcat and matching 2x12 cab are used at home only , I imagine a lot of amp purchasers are in the same position. I wonder why then a home user would opt for the RK100, MK50H, MK50HII which are amps that beg the master vol to wound up. I think there is a valid case nowadays for the low powered tube the Carrera !! If I was gigging , grab a les paul, a mic, the carrera and a few pedals, run it thru house pa and Id be set...........5 mins set up and take down time...........nice :idea:

In my eyes, RK100, MK50H & MK50HII represent some of the finest amps money can buy, but for home users ?.................imo its a NO.

I grew up with old school rock when it was 100 watt superleads ( ouch ! ) and amps werent mic`ed , man that was fun, but the hearing loss and damage caused was unignorable . I wonder what are selling more units within the cornford range, the lower powered 7 - 30 watt units or those monstas pushing out those 50+ watt sounds. Incase somebody mentions attenuators, not for me im afraid, I think those things are $hit and tone killers.Perhaps views from other cornford users could be thrown in here ?

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