Old Cornford owner, still impressed... ;-)

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Old Cornford owner, still impressed... ;-)

Post by Carl » Fri Dec 19, 2008 11:26 pm

In 2000 I bought a Cornford Harlequin after I've heard a number of recordings with Guitarist magazine's Neville Marten, who at the time was using similar gutars to mine (LP 59RI, old Strat, PRS etc.)

For me it was a dream come true. After chasing an amp that could give me a really good sound at low volume for most of my life, I had finally found something that didn't just sound good at low volume, but also sounded better than anything I had ever used.

Eight years later I am still as impressed as when I first bought it. I have changed tubes when they have worn out, but apart from that it as never let me down.

Thank you Paul and Martin for inventing and building something really special. As soon as I have a budget to replace my trusty old JMPs I will without any doubt go for yet another (but bigger) Cornford.



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