Question about MK50 fx loop .......

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Question about MK50 fx loop .......

Post by BGG » Mon Jan 26, 2009 1:16 pm

Hi guys,
I am currently running my Splawn Quickrod with a Line 6 M13 pedalboard, it's a great bit of kit, simple to use and it's host to some amazing sounds. I hook this up via the four cable method so I can have certain patches before the pre amp and modulations and delays etc after.
My Quickrod has a 'serial' fx loop, however there is a switch on the back for 'series loop level' which goes from -10db to +4db. If I run it at -10db it's really really noisey so I use the +4db setting.

What kind of loop is the MK50 and can I expect any noise issues ?

Cheers ...


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