I don't understand why the Roadhouse don't sell....

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Re: I don't understand why the Roadhouse don't sell....

Post by RichM » Wed May 08, 2013 6:29 am

Interesting thoughts and comparison. I am too in the category of loving what the RH30 does and I don't really see what more flexibility I actually need ... Tone stack is brilliant and for once 'works' (compared to my last Marshall) and with a couple of pedals (reverb, chorus, wah), the boost function (which I still maintain is better than any boutique pedal I've tried) and the good 'ol controls on the guitar - I get more flex than I need.

One big deal for me is my Motherload Elemental attenuator - by far the best I've tried and a permanent feature for practice .... Just allows me to put the master volume anywhere and select any volume to get loads more flex in the tone - it really is excellent and amazingly there is actually one on eBay now ... I waited nearly a year to find one!


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Re: I don't understand why the Roadhouse don't sell....

Post by Fixxxer » Wed May 08, 2013 7:49 am

I find the RH is more than able to fill every need that I have. I play with the volume and tone the whole time and find that to be more flexible than most other multi channels! I have played this way for years and even the RH footswitch is a bit much for me! I only use the boost to fatten up single coils.

The MK is pretty flexible in comparison with its duel masters and gain section. The RK is just a beast and knocks old ladies down when turned up. I think the RH is a perfect inbetweener. I just hope Cornford comes back and it get the attention it deserves front the masses.
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Re: I don't understand why the Roadhouse don't sell....

Post by richard » Wed May 08, 2013 9:00 pm

Had my RH30 combo for about 5 years now and absolutely no temptation to look at anything else. I played a 60's JTM a couple of months back and it was awesome - I can get very close to that sound with the gain around halfway on the RH and at much more manageable volumes. The boost is superb and better for me than another channel because it just gives you MORE without changing the tone. As a lifelong pub gigger the RH gives me everything I need.

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