The near death and ressurection of my Hellcat!!!!

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The near death and ressurection of my Hellcat!!!!

Post by jpgilmar » Thu Oct 15, 2009 10:15 am

Ok so, we're playing a few gig's in a row so I dump my gear (including my Hellcat head) at our drummers house so we can load it straight in the van the next day. I'd recently taken the back plate off the amp as I needed to replace the valves and hadn't got round to screwing it back on (a mistake I will never make again!!)

Our drummer left my head in the spare room (also known as the kiddies play room) and then left his 2 year old son in there with it. The kid saw the amp, saw the tubes and though.......hmmmm they look interesting!!! He then proceded to grab them all one by one, rip them out of the amp and throw them about a bit.

This isn't good at the best of time but we were in the studio in 2 days and planned to be re-amping through my head. To make matters worse, when he pulled the tubes out he broke off several pins which were now stuck in the amp!!!!

Anyway, after 5 hours of sweating, swearing and some pretty fancy pliar work I managed to get them out and stick in some new ones.

Now don't get me wrong, all of my equipment is insured. But I have honastly never been so devastated in all my life. I thought my amp was dead. But now she's aliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive!

So, after that lengthy story. Here is the product of 5 hours pliar work and a little re-amping. Enjoy!

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